Sunrise on Snow

On the cusp of the Winter Solstice, the first light of a very short day colors the Reno morning sky, and also the snow.

Touch here for the handheld version.

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    1. Chuck says:

      Ho Ho Ho.
      Great idea, Christmas Pano card.
      Nice sunrise colors, what’s the ski mt. in the background?
      Happy Holidays, Chuck

    2. Sue at BU says:

      Thank you, Howard, for your greetings and good wishes. I especially enjoyed your “tour” of the Reno skyline! Great photography … but, then I wouldn’t expect anything but the best from you!

    3. Patty Moen says:

      Happy Holidays to you and Robin. It’s a winter wonderland!
      Patty and Dave

    4. Alan Hirsch says:


      After knowing you and your photography for a long time, you never cease to amaze me. Great image!!!


    5. Cheryl Solis says:

      Beautiful! It reminds me of old Christmas cards my parents used to receive but those were of small village’s against white mountains and not the “The Biggest Little City in the World”.

      Happy Holidays. See you next year.

    6. Ralph Siddall says:

      Howard – absolutely gorgeous.

    7. Luce Myers says:

      Howard, I was just thinking about you this morning! The photo puts me right there in still point of dawn, my favorite time of day. The barely cerise sky, a whisper of color. Peace to you and yours this Solstice. Love, Luce and Rich

    8. Wow, Howard,

      That gives new meaning to the phrase “White Christmas”! And also to the notion of getting up pretty early in the morning. It makes me cold just looking at it. What did you do to warm up afterward?

      Kevin Morrissey

    9. Barry & Sue Swackhamer says:

      Really Beautiful. Now I know what may sister sees when she gets up, but then again, she has to drive in it.
      Happy Holidays to all.
      Barry & Sue

    10. Beautiful – Great winter colors. Happy holidays and here’s to a wonderful 2010!

    11. Cathy Schmidt says:

      This is beautiful, Howard. We have so much to be grateful for.. Happy holidays to you and yours!


    12. Warren Lerude says:


    13. Linda K says:

      Most Beautiful! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    14. Judy Brill Levine says:

      Beautiful! A very happy holiday from New Jersey! Judy Brill Levine

    15. Craig Mastos says:

      Happy Solstice. Great view. Any day now days will be moving in the other direction. Summer can’t get here too soon.

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